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Don’t Go To Las Vegas – Unless You Stay At The Cosmopolitan!

April 26, 2014

By Bill Oakey – April 26, 2014

The buzz is on about all of the modern places to check out in Las Vegas. If you haven’t been there in a while, you might not know where to start in choosing a hotel. So, let’s get that out of the way right now. You owe it to yourself to stay at the Cosmopolitan.
Cosmo Sign

As a veteran Vegas visitor with particular tastes, I have made the choice to stick with the Cosmopolitan. OK, you need to know why. Words like Fun! Style! Pizazz! all come to mind. It’s a lively atmosphere, whether you are in the casino enjoying interactive slot games with other players, or strolling through the lobby taking in the incredible floor to ceiling pillars with LED screens. The intriguing moving images are not like anything you have ever seen before.


But once you enter the casino, especially in the evening, you might as well not plan on going anywhere else. It’s just too darned much fun. Do I dare say that you should try a cosmopolitan at the Cosmopolitan? Heck yeah, you should. They’re awesome!  But my favorite thing is to meet with my sister and her husband about an hour before dinner and indulge in their house wine. It comes in a big, sumptuous glass and it goes down as smoothly as you would ever want.


Before I go any further, I need to mention the most important thing. The service. When it comes right down to it, nothing matters more than good service when you are on a vacation. Who wants to be around dull, drab people who don’t act like they care if you are on their property or not? They’ve got plenty of money in the bank, so why should they care about you? It’s not like that at the Cosmopolitan.

Here’s how I like to start my day there. I take the East Tower Elevator to the Overlook Grill, which is a really cool poolside restaurant that is open in the spring and summer. It’s breezy and relaxing and the perfect place for a nice breakfast. Now, this may not happen to you in exactly the same way, but I can tell you how friendly the hostess and servers can be. On a recent trip, I stopped at the hostess stand and asked for a table. I noticed a bag of candy on the counter and asked if I could have a piece. She encouraged me to take more than one of the licorice ones, since those were my favorites.

During my meal, the hostess came over for a brief chat and it really felt like I was a valued guest. But what happened as I left the restaurant really made my day. The hostess wouldn’t let me leave without handing me a take out box filled with those licorice candies. Have I been back to the Overlook Grill since then? You tell me!


Pool Next To The Overlook Grill

I mentioned something earlier about style. You will see style everywhere at the Cosmopolitan, and plenty of fine art installations as well. Can you dress casually? Certainly. But you will find yourself taking casual glances at the guests who really do come dressed in high style. They say that women dress for other women. But I challenge you guys to walk by the Marquee Nightclub in the early evening as the ladies are lined up to get in. You won’t be disappointed.  (Sorry, no picture…you will have to come and see for yourself!)

Here’s one more personal adventure that I can’t leave out. A few years ago, I entered a casino promotion to win a $500 Apple gift card. I came in for the evening drawing and arrived just 5 minutes before it was scheduled to happen. I was out of breath by the time I made my way from the lobby entrance clear across to the Chandelier Bar. The drawing began and they did not call my name. So I decided to have a drink and relax. Then I heard an announcement. The person whose name was drawn had just one minute left to claim the prize. If they didn’t claim it, another name would be drawn. I looked up at the video screen and suddenly there was my name, with glittering fireworks things going off all around it. How cool was that!

Gift Card

Enough about me. You are the one who needs to check out the Cosmopolitan. When you get there, you are going to want to have dinner one evening at the Wicked Spoon. It’s a killer buffet, one of the best in town. And if you are a regular Vegas casino player, you couldn’t ask for a better host than Brian Baran. What you really ought to consider is making a group reservation. You can do that by calling Claire Nagel at 702-698-7000. In the meantime, take a look at their website and explore all of the features available.

See you at the Cosmopolitan…